Who is DL Sader?

DL here…

I bet you’re wondering, “Who is this DL Sader guy? Why should I listen to him? How the hell do you pronounce his name?”

(And it’s “say-der”, for the record.)

I’m just an average guy living in these decidedly un-average times. I believe that a man is only as good as his word, that you should provide for you and yours, and above all else do what needs to be done.

As Bob Dylan said, “the times, they are a-changin'”. Every day brings new uncertainty to the world. Food riots in developed countries. New wars springing up left and right. Meanwhile, even Mother Nature is out to get us.

So I took a step back and looked at the world and thought, “there has to be something I can do.” After all, being afraid of the future doesn’t solve problems – it creates them.

I always knew I should prepare for something bad happening. We kept some basics – dry goods, flashlights, candles – but nothing substantial. Yet it seemed unnecessary to do more, since things always tend to work out.

From Bad to Worse

And then one hell of a storm knocked out the power in the home we were living in. For two weeks. The flooded roads kept us from leaving. Food went bad in the fridge and the stores shelves were bare – if they were even open. In other words, I was powerless.

As the hunger and cold gnawed at me, I swore I would never be that vulnerable again.

A family member came and took us in. He had thought ahead. He had a generator, and non-perishable food. His truck was capable of making it through the deep water.

Because he had prepared where I had failed.

And I took that as a wake up call to get my life right. So I started prepping. This time, when the shit hits the fan… I’m ready.

The last thing I want in this life is to have to explain to my kids why they’re hungry and I can’t feed them. Or why the power has been out for weeks and they’re cold.

Or why people would try to take what’s ours because law and order fell by the wayside.

I learned about self sufficiency, homesteading, survival and farming…. As well as reading everything I could get my hands on. Then I went out and practiced what I learned. I gained the skills needed to make it in this world when things fall apart.

Of course, I’m going to do my best to provide the information you need to get your plans and preps in place. I want you to succeed with me.


As always, I’m rootin for you.


DL Sader


DL Sader is a blogger and author. He writes post-apocalyptic/SHTF fiction and instructional guides. He blogs about prepping/survival and current events. You can contact DL here.


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